What is an Arborist, and How Can They Help You?

What is an arborist? If you’re someone who loves trees, you might have a clue as to what this profession entails.

Arborists are essentially tree surgeons; they help care for and maintain trees. This can include planting new sprouts to diagnosing and treating woody plant diseases. Let’s dissect this profession further and explore how arborists can assist you and your green friends.

What is a Certified Arborist?

Certified arborists are professionals who have completed a certain level of education and experience in arboriculture. To become certified, they must have three years of full-time, eligible work experience and pass an examination administered by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

The certification process ensures that arborists have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide proper care for trees. Experts approved by the ISA adhere to a code of ethics that requires them to put the needs of their clients and the health of their trees first.

Why Should I Hire an Arborist?

Trees are a valuable asset and an essential part of the ecosystem. They provide many benefits, including reducing stress, improving air quality, and increasing property values. However, they also require proper upkeep to stay healthy and continue to provide these benefits.

If you need your individual trees maintained or safely removed, it’s best to hire a certified arborist. Not only do they have the expertise to do the job right, but they will also have the proper insurance in case of any accidents.

How Can an Arborist Help Me?

Now that you can answer, “What is an arborist?” here’s what they can do for you. As Phoenix’s trusted arborist, Tree Workers of Phoenix can help you with all stages of tree care, from planting to removal.

Tree Planting

Not all trees are alike, and different species have different requirements for planting. An arborist can help you choose the most viable specimens for your needs and plant them properly. They will account for factors like the tree’s size at maturity, the soil type, and the amount of sun and shade the area receives to ensure its future health and aesthetic impact.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is critical for the health of trees as it removes dead or dying branches that can fall and cause damage. This practice also helps improve the tree’s appearance and encourages new growth.

Arborists utilize different techniques, depending on the type of tree and the desired outcome. For example, fruit trees need regular pruning to encourage better fruit production, while shade trees may require thinning out to allow more light to reach the ground.

Tree Care and Maintenance

Trees need regular care and maintenance to stay healthy. While some tasks, like watering and fertilizing, can be done by homeowners, others, like diagnosing diseases and pest infestations, are best left to the professionals.

Arborists can also help protect your trees from damage caused by construction or severe weather. They may install support systems, like guy wires and bracing rods, to prevent wind damage and provide advice on safeguarding trees during construction projects.

Tree Removal

Arborists always try to save trees whenever possible. However, there are times when removing them is the best option. This might be due to severe disease, storm damage, or if the tree is growing too close to a structure.

When removal is necessary, arborists use various techniques, like hand sawing, power saws, and herbicides, to safely remove the tree. They will also grind the stump to prevent regrowth and haul away the debris.

We hope we’ve answered your question, “What is an arborist?”. When you need emergency tree care or tree trimming and pruning services, our certified professionals at Tree Workers of Phoenix can help. Call us to schedule a consultation today.


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