How to tell if your tree needs to be Trimmed in Phoenix, AZ

Having a tree on your property is fantastic because they have many benefits. They can provide shade and purify the air. They can also act as windbreakers, and they are aesthetically appealing. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of having a tree in your compound for many years, you should be ready to take good care of it.

tree trimming

If you fail to do tree trimming, a tree may grow out of control and damage nearby trees, or the branches might fall and destroy your residential and commercial properties. Here are ways to determine whether your tree requires trimming.

1.  Damaged or unusually shaped branches

If a tree is damaged by an animal, floods, storm, or whichever cause, it can weaken and present a danger to people living nearby. It is also important to scrutinize the tree to see whether any part of it is growing in an unusual shape. Poorly formed branches are likely to fall because they lack stability. Crossing branches also need to be eliminated. 

Tree trimming the branches with awkward shapes or broken branches should not be overlooked. If you do not have the right tools to do the tree trimming work yourself, it might prove to be difficult. A tree services company can come in handy in such a situation.

2.  Overgrowth

Sometimes, a tree can grow too big or creep into areas where it is unwanted, resulting in safety problems such as areas with power lines. It may also block your view or become an eyesore that necessitates trimming. It is essential to prune it early because if it is left to grow uncontrolled for too long, you will end up pruning a big portion of the tree, which can severely damage the tree.

Topping refers to removing huge sections of the tree or big branches, which is usually discouraged since it can result in safety problems later on. Big trimming wounds also give pathogens, fungi, and bacteria an opening to go in and invade the tree.

tree trimming

3.  Branches with disease or dead

Sometimes, trees can get infected with a disease. The best thing to do in such a case is to get rid of the infected parts as quickly as possible. If nothing is done to stop the disease from spreading, it can quickly destroy a tree and spread to surrounding trees, weakening and killing them. The common symptoms to watch out for are fungal growth on the leaves, discoloration, and premature falling. A tree with a fungus growth usually has white fungal growth or necrotic lesions on the surfaces of the leaves.

You have to treat the tree infected with diseases using fungicides. At times, the infections can affect not just the leaves but also the branches.

If you have no experience inspecting trees for diseases, it will be wise to enlist the services of a tree service company. They have tree specialists or certified arborists who can spot signs of any tree disease easily. Diseases can also kill a tree, requiring tree removal by a tree service provider.

tree trimming

4. Your trees are producing small fruits

A tree matures and produces fruits. However, its production decreases over time as it grows bigger. A tree with numerous branches tends to have small fruits on every single branch. By doing tree trimming, you will control the growth and ensure that nutrients go to the bigger branches that produce bigger flowers and fruits.

5. Your plants are unhealthy

Besides increasing fruit production, tree pruning allows you to have healthier plants in your garden. Bigger trees can prevent sunlight and air circulation from reaching other smaller plants around them. When you trim your trees on your residential or commercial property, these plants will get adequate light and wind. A reputable tree removal company can do such a great job trimming it for you. Palm and hardwood trees are especially challenging to deal with, but a professional tree service can trim them easily.

6. Examine a tree after a flood or storm

If your area has recently experienced a flood or storm, you should inspect your trees. The most obvious signs you may see are big hanging branches that have been damaged by snow or wind. You need to remove these branches plus other smaller damaged branches since they pose a safety concern to your family and visitors.

Benefits of tree trimming


Diseased, dead, weak, or broken branches can fall on a person and harm them or fall on property and damage it.

Enhances the beauty of a home

Trimming overgrown trees improves the curb appeal of a home. Overgrown trees can make a home look deserted.

Healthy plants

Trimming trees allows nearby plants to grow healthily because they will be able to receive sunlight and nutrients.

Increase food production

Trimming trees enables trees to produce more fruits for sale or for eating at home. Taking good care of your trees makes them healthy and capable of producing more fruits.

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