What Are the Different Types of Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is an essential part of tree care. It allows you to eliminate damaged ends, create an aesthetic, and give your tree a healthy base to help it grow. Arborists use several types of tree trimming to achieve the desired trimming objective. The type of trimming or pruning used depends on what each tree needs.

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Crown Cleaning

The most basic level of tree pruning, crown cleaning involves the removal of dead, dying, diseased, low-vigor, and weakly attached branches from a tree’s crown. Crown cleaning aims to improve the tree’s general aesthetic or remove dead and decayed branches that could spread disease, damage property, or cause injury.

The arborist usually decides upon a minimum size of dead branch to remove before getting to work. You can trust that they won’t trim too much.

Crown Thinning

This essential tree pruning procedure seeks to remove smaller, weaker limbs from the tops of your trees. Thinning increases light penetration and air movement through the crown of the tree. In addition to helping retain the tree’s natural shape, thinning lessens loads on larger limbs with defects and opens up a tree’s foliage.

Crown Raising

This pruning technique removes the lower branches and limbs from a tree, usually to provide vertical clearance for buildings, landscape features, and pedestrians. Your arborist may prune the entire bottom of the crown or only the portion needing care.

Arborists employ this pruning technique for trees that overhang roads, sidewalks, or your home. Like most types of tree trimming, crown raising allows trees to match the rest of your landscaping.

Crown Restoration

A crown restoration usually involves pruning storm-damaged or vandalized trees. Your arborist may cut back branches to smaller than normal-sized lateral branches, hoping the tree retains or eventually regains its natural appearance and form.

Crown restorations typically vary depending on the tree species and the type of damage incurred by the tree.

Vista Pruning

This is selective pruning to allow a specific view or improve the desired sight line. Arborists use different techniques when vista pruning; selectively thinning growth, reduction pruning, and tree canopy reductions.

Vista pruning is common along waterfront properties, hotels, and fairways of golf courses, where property owners seek to improve their views without removing trees that add privacy and appeal to their property. Your arborist can vista prune most healthy trees year-round, depending on the amount they need to remove.


Pollarding is a type of pruning that keeps trees smaller than they would naturally grow. The process involves cutting a young tree to the main trunk or stem, ultimately controlling the plant’s height and overall growth. Pollarding maintains the desired tree height, defines the tree’s shape, and reduces shade.

This pruning technique helps prevent tall trees from obstructing phone lines and electrical wires when planted near a street.

Espalier Pruning

This type of pruning was common in Europe, where Ancient Romans pruned trees to stay tight against a wall, fence, or trellis, increasing production within a limited space. Espalier pruning requires some time and effort, resulting in an eye-catching and attractive plant. 

Every property owner needs to include tree trimming and pruning in their maintenance checklist to ensure healthy growth and structural integrity. However, it’s essential to avoid practices like tree topping, which can harm trees in the long run. If your trees need trimming or pruning, hire a professional arborist for the job.

Tree Workers of Phoenix offers professional tree trimming and pruning services throughout the Phoenix area. Contact us online or dial 602-320-2797 for various types of tree trimming and to learn more on how to save a tree from lack of water.


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