5 Signs You Need Emergency Tree Service In Phoenix, AZ

Trees, especially those near our properties, can be risky sometimes. Therefore, they require some maintenance to ensure that they remain healthy. This will not only improve the safety but also prevent you from losing trees that can add some value to your property. Remember that trees can also be a source of shade and can add texture to your yard or garden.

Maintaining trees is not always easy. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the tree is healthy or not. You should have an expert who can regularly check on your trees and give them some services. They will advise you on how to read the signs and when you need emergency tree services. You should seek professional help if you notice some of these signs.

1. Large Dead Branches

You should get rid of the branches that have dead leaves and has no bark. Also, assess the whole tree to determine whether it has a strong structural foundation. If it doesn’t, you should cut it off. A tree that does not have a strong foundation is dangerous because it can fall on properties like the house, vehicles, or electric cables leading to a power outage. They can also fall on your neighbor’s property which will cost you some money to repair.

2. Rotting Or Damaged Roots

The root system can easily tell if the tree is healthy or not. If there are any indications of the roots being damaged or decaying, reach out to tree service experts. If the roots are damaged, they can easily tamper with the tree’s foundation and fall during storms or strong winds. Also, seek professional advice if the roots are visible.

3. The Branches Are Overhanging

Overhanging branches in a way that they touch the roof of the house or the walls is not recommendable. This is because some branches can fall on the property during strong winds and damage them. They can also cause an accident to people passing near your property. If you notice the problem, get a professional to remove some of the branches, or you can even do it yourself.

4. Compromised Trunk

If a tree lacks a big part of the bark or the bark is cracked or has cavities, it could indicate that the tree is damaged. This affects the structure of the tree. The cavities could lead to the growth of dead branches which can weaken the tree. If you notice any hole or crack on the trunk, you should immediately contact an expert to assess if the tree is safe or if you need to cut it off.

5. Hollow Tree

A tree that has a hollow trunk could be dangerous. Some trees live many years with hollow trunks. The hollow can weaken the foundation of the tree, which can lead to the tree’s falling when there is a strong storm. It could damage property like a vehicle or a house. In this case, you should have it removed to avoid accidents.

Other Signs Of Emergency Tree Services

It’s Diseased Or Looks Sick

If a tree looks sick or diseased, consider getting rid of them. They could be risky since the sickness can weaken the tree and make it fall. It can also spread the disease to other trees, and you could lose more trees.

The diseases are usually caused by viruses, fungi, and pests that could be found inside the tree. Some signs can help you know that the tree is sick, and some of them are wilted or spotted leaves, spherical growths, and dusty white mildew, to mention a few. If you cannot tell if a tree is sick, you can call an expert to look at it.

The Tree Is Leaning On Structures

A tree could be leaning for many years and still be strong. But if a tree starts leaning all of a sudden, it could be possible that it’s weak and could fall at any time. It would be best if you call an expert to look if the tree is okay. Floods or cyclones can cause leaning. It might also bend because of age.

Broken Branches

It would be best if you removed the tree with no branches. The branches are the ones that lead to the growth and strength of the tree. This means that there could be a possibility the tree could fall.

You’re Selling Your Home

Giving service to the trees around the property can add so much value. It would be best if you looked at whether the tree is diseased to avoid accidents for the buyers and other people as well. There are some services like trimming the branches that can help in creating more space in the yard and also make the place look good.

These are some of the things that indicate that your tree needs emergency service. If you follow them, you will avoid the risks involved, like falling off the trees. When a tree falls, it can damage property that belongs to you or your neighbor. Also, it tampers with the power lines, leading to a power outage.

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