How to Prepare Trees for Monsoon Season in Phoenix 

Whether you’re an experienced Arizona property owner or a recent transplant, you deserve help keeping your property’s trees in the best condition, and that’s just what you’ll get at Tree Workers of Phoenix. We’re your go-to source for tree care, and we can help you prepare your trees for monsoon season in Phoenix. 

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When is Monsoon Season in Phoenix

Monsoon season forms when moist air from the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico travels upward, combining with the intense heat of Arizona summers. This mixture results in a series of short-lived but intense storms that form over the course of several months. 

Arizona residents from Phoenix to Flagstaff can expect heavy rains, winds, and flash flood and dust storm conditions to become prominent from mid-June to late September. 

However, preventing tree damage during severe weather requires year-round work to ensure trees are as strong and healthy as possible. 

How to Reduce Monsoon Season Tree Damage 

During storm season, some damage to trees and foliage may be unavoidable. However, by taking steps throughout the year to support and maintain your property’s trees, you can help reduce the likelihood of broken or falling limbs, damaged roots, and toppling. 

Excellent Year-Round Tree Care

Trees suffering from weakness or disease at the start of monsoon season may not last long. To give trees a fighting chance during monsoon season in Phoenix, take steps to provide outstanding care and upkeep throughout the year, including: 

  • Regular and appropriate watering
  • Seasonal fertilizing
  • Mulching for root protection and disease prevention
  • Removal of damaged limbs
  • Pest control
  • And more

To design a care plan best suited for the trees on your property, consult with an experienced arborist in Phoenix today. 

Tree Staking

Staking involves anchoring a tree to the ground using ties connected to lodge poles or stakes. For strong anchors, experts use longer stakes and poles and sink them deep into the ground surrounding a tree, careful not to damage any root structures. 

Most trees only need to be staked for around a year while it develops trunk strength. To learn about proper times to stake or untie trees, schedule a consultation with your favored local tree experts. 

Strategic Planting

To reduce potential damages during storm season, avoid planting tree species that grow lots of branches or sprawl near buildings. Additionally, choose trees that develop deep, substantial root systems and plant them in locations where these roots won’t hurt foundations or other structures. 

Finally, ensure tree species on your property have a built-in resistance to native pests and weather. A knowledgeable arborist can recommend tree species that thrive in Phoenix and the southwestern United States. 

Tree Trimming

Regular tree trimming provides immeasurable benefits for trees. During trimming services, experts remove damaged or diseased branches, cut back foliage, and shape branch structures. This helps the trees stay strong and healthy year round, especially during monsoon season in Phoenix.  

Tree Thinning

Finally, to reduce tree damage during storms, have experts thin your trees periodically. Thinning removes specific healthy branches to allow for more movement and less breaking during heavy wind and rain. 

Find Year-Round and Emergency Tree Service in Phoenix 

At Tree Workers of Phoenix, we understand the risk that monsoon season in Phoenix poses for your trees, safety, and property. By working with us year-round, you can grow and maintain healthy, strong trees that stand up against the season’s worst storms. Learn more about the different types of tree trimming or request an estimate by calling Tree Workers of Phoenix at 602-320-2797 today. 


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