4 Reasons to Hire a Google Guaranteed Tree Service Company in Phoenix

Phoenix residents love their trees because they enhance the visual appeal of any home or commercial property. Besides looks, however, trees provide plenty of other benefits. 

They provide shade on hot days, protect our rooftops from storms, keep us warmer in chilly weather, and give us cleaner air to breathe. Trees sometimes even produce fruit. However, properly taking care of trees requires a guaranteed tree service. 

Whether you require tree trimming or pruning or need complete tree removal service, you’ll want a top-notch team on the job. Unfortunately, with so many Phoenix tree care services to consider, finding the right one can be challenging. 

Choosing a Google guaranteed tree service offers many benefits. This strategy ensures you’re receiving certified arborist services in Phoenix. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, read on.

What Exactly Is a Google Guaranteed Tree Service? 

When a business signs up for Guarantee, Google extensively reviews the business or service, including conducting background checks on employees. A company deemed trustworthy by Google will have a tiny green badge next to its name. 

While this process takes weeks or even months, many businesses and services benefit. Here’s what makes these businesses stand out: 

1.  Extensive Background Checks 

The Google guaranteed process includes extensive background checks on the company’s owners. In many cases, Google also runs background checks on its workers, ensuring everyone you hire is trustworthy. 

From simple tree pruning to extensive tree removal services, Google guaranteed businesses have established reputations as trustworthy providers. 

2.  Google Checks for the Necessary Licenses 

Some jobs, like being a tree care professional, require specific licenses and compliance with local regulations. Only certified and licensed arborists in Phoenix should take care of your trees. 

Any Google guaranteed tree service has proven they hold the necessary licenses, certifications, permits, etc. 

3.  They Perform Satisfactory Work 

A tree care service team may have workers with a clean background that are certified and licensed. However, this doesn’t mean they do good work or manage the business well. 

You can avoid the complications of a shady business using a Google guaranteed service. A company must have consistently-satisfied customers to receive the green badge next to its name. 

4.  Reimbursement Claims 

Of course, sometimes mistakes happen, or a job performed isn’t what you expected. With Google Guarantee, customers can file reimbursement claims through Google when they’re unsatisfied. Google will investigate this claim and award a refund of up to $2,000 over a lifetime if it feels the claim is valid. 

So, you can pay for service from a Google guaranteed tree service business without fear.

Why Should You Hire a Tree Care Service in the First Place? 

Some homeowners may wonder why they should hire a tree care service in Phoenix. While you can handle some tree-care tasks, other jobs may require an expert touch. These include: 

  • Extensive trimming or tree pruning: Many homeowners may over or under-trim or prune their trees. Besides damaging trees’ visual appeal, this can also harm the trees’ health. Additionally, inexperienced homeowners may not have the right equipment to climb their trees safely. 
  • Expertly removing a tree: Removing a tree takes extra care. To avoid damage to yourself or your property, call in certified arborists. 
  • Restoring damaged trees: You can sometimes save a leaning, burnt, or storm-damaged tree. Doing so, however, requires professional experience. 

Call Tree Workers of Phoenix 

From regularly maintaining your trees to removing one growing close to your property, Google Guaranteed businesses provide the best service. For over 20 years, Tree Workers of Phoenix has offered excellent tree care. As a Google guaranteed tree service, we’re here to help. 

Preparing for monsoon season in Phoenix? Give Tree Workers of Phoenix a call during our business hours at 602-320-2797!


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