Is Watering Trees in The Fall Still Necessary?

Watering trees in the fall encourages growth. The cold winter damages that new development, harming your tree’s overall health. If done correctly, watering gives your tree the nutrients to keep it strong throughout the harsher months. 

If you need help with your tree’s watering needs, reach out to Phoenix’s certified arborist. Our team will walk you through your tree’s specific requirements and advise on optimal care. 

When Do I Water Trees in the Fall?

During the fall, you must water infrequently and deeply. Stop watering completely in the early stages of autumn. Trees hibernate or lie dormant during the winter, and growth slows or stops. Water confuses the tree and affects its nutrient storage. 

Winter weather affects new growth more intensely, as the branches and leaves have not had time to harden themselves to the cold. Wait until the leaves have fallen from your deciduous trees to mitigate this risk. 

The rules apply to both deciduous and evergreen trees. It’s more challenging to know when to water evergreen trees in autumn, so look to the other trees for guidance. Once the leaves have fallen from your deciduous trees, you can water again. 

Leaves fall in late autumn. Once this process is complete, water trees deeply and slowly before the ground freezes. This technique boosts the tree and helps it survive the colder dry period. A lack of water during this time helps the tree know the season and allows it to protect itself. 

Know When to Water with Soil Moisture

Watering trees in the fall may be confusing, but soil moisture is the easiest way to tell when it’s time. Check your soil for moisture with a long rod, following these steps:

  • Take a rod at least two feet long
  • Shove the rod into the ground, at least a foot but up to 18 inches
  • If the soil makes this action difficult, you need to water
  • If the earth gives way, don’t water

Dry soil becomes compacted. Moisture allows a rod to go further into the ground, making this method a quick way to know your watering requirements. 

How Do I Water Trees?

It’s essential to water around the tree’s drip line. The drip line is the outer circle of the tree’s branch circumference. The best way to water is using a soaker hose spiraling out from the trunk. 

Do not water too close to the trunk because this action encourages rot. The roots that absorb the most nutrients are near or beyond the drip line. Watering too close keeps the tree from benefiting. 

An established rule of thumb is ten gallons of water per inch of the mature tree’s diameter. As long as the ground becomes moist, not soggy, and spreads evenly around your tree’s drip line, measuring isn’t required. 

Ensure the water goes at least a foot into the ground. Beyond two feet, the water goes below the roots and becomes useless. 

Contact Tree Workers of Phoenix

Giving your trees supplemental water throughout the year helps your tree combat disease, pests, and breakage. While you must refrain from watering during early autumn, if you feel your trees would benefit from watering, reach out to our specialists for a detailed schedule. 

The more you know about the trees in your yard, the better equipped you become to handle storm damage, rot, and disease. Learn about fertilizing mature trees to keep your property healthy. 

Watering trees in the fall is simple, but the proper technique will encourage optimum growth and keep your trees healthy for decades. Contact Tree Workers of Phoenix, AZ at (602) 320-2797 to schedule a consultation for help.


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