Arborist Inspection: What Is It & Why You Need One

During an arborist inspection, a professional thoroughly checks a tree for weakened branches, health issues, soil, and watering requirements. It’s an essential task required every other year to keep the trees on public and private properties in peak condition. The professional ensures the caretakers understand the tree’s needs for optimal health. 

Reach out to Phoenix’s certified arborist for all your tree needs, and ensure your property receives the care it requires. Our team at Tree Workers of Phoenix offers several tree services, from safely removing dead trees to protecting heritage trees. 

What Is a Tree Inspection? 

A professional arborist performs a tree inspection to ensure the tree is living a strong, healthy life. Generally, the arborist will inspect the following: 

  • A tree’s watering needs
  • Soil health 
  • Pruning practices 
  • Insect infestations 
  • Storm damage 

Once they’ve gathered the necessary information, your Phoenix arborist will help you form a plan for the proper care of trees on your public or private property. This plan includes an ideal water schedule, fertilization requirements, correct pruning practices, and removing hazardous trees or branches.

Many homeowners believe they can adequately care for their trees alone, but this is not always the case, especially for those with little to no experience. For example, pruning can be exceedingly dangerous to an untrained person, and improper practices will kill your tree. An improperly pruned tree can lead to significant property damage and personal injury. 

Why Do You Need a Tree Inspection? 

An arborist inspection ensures the health of your family and your property. Read the following to see why you need a professional inspection: 

Structural Damage 

When a tree has structural damage from previous injuries or rot, it becomes a hazard. You can protect yourself and prevent severe issues with regular inspections. 

Ensuring a tree’s stability allows you to enjoy it with swings, treehouses, and other activities. A professional can ensure safety procedures are in place to prevent accidents. 

Tree Infections 

An infection can slowly kill your tree, leading to leaning, breaking branches, and instability. An infected tree can crash into your house or car, causing significant repair costs. Protect yourself from this damage by eliminating the cause as quickly as possible and helping your trees live long lives. 

If a professional notices infection from insects, fungi, or mold early, you can prevent potential damage to your property. Additionally, the arborist can guide you through safe tree removal. 

Ideal Tree Care

Trees often hold personal and financial significance, and many consider them investments. An arborist can help protect this asset with the ideal watering and feeding schedule. A well-maintained tree adds to a home’s value, land stability, and overall health. 

Reach Out to Tree Workers of Phoenix

Trees add beauty, shade, and protection from the elements to your property. Protecting them ensures they thrive and continue to provide these benefits for decades. Learn about tree shaping to further enhance your trees. 

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