Wood Chips for Mulching: Is It a Good Idea?

Have you considered using wood chips for mulching purposes? It helps trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs retain moisture more effectively, a sure way to help them grow better. Wood chips provide a protective layer around the plant to deter weed growth, insects, and weather damage.

Below, our certified arborist in Phoenix shares more about this simple practice, including how to use wood chips for breathing new life into your landscaping.

Do Wood Chip Mulch Mixtures Work?

Yes, proper tree care starts with the right strategies, and mulch really works! An annual application around the base of trees and shrubs will drastically improve their appearance. In fact, local tree experts with extensive training in an array of tree health services will always recommend using mulch to boost the health of your trees.

Mulching remains one of the best ways to support healthy plant growth. Wood chips are also highly sustainable, an eco-friendly solution that decomposes in your yard over time. Anyone can find large bags of wood chip mulch at extremely reasonable prices in stores across the country.

Benefits of Wood Chips for Mulching

As any tree expert will tell you, additional organic matter supports thriving root systems, full canopies, and branch growth. Wood chip mulches feed hungry trees with essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Even healthy trees thrive when given the right balance of extra mulch layers and regular watering.

Additional benefits of wood chip mulching include the following: 

  • Deters epicormic growth
  • Helps trees retain moisture
  • Accelerates tree healing processes
  • Protects tree roots from UV radiation 

Arborist wood chips, which are the freshest wood chips available, can prove incredibly affordable when sold directly by your local tree service. Other wood chips suitable for mulching may come from used wooden pallets, land clearing, or branches that have been cut back to safeguard power lines.

How To Use Fresh Wood Chips For Tree Mulch 

If you want a layer of wood chips that can completely transform the growing conditions for your trees, there are only two things to remember: 

Start Slow 

Creating a mulch with wood chips is easy, but you need to apply it bit by bit. Too much mulch could smother the base of trees. For example, a large pile of wood chips would block sunlight, depriving the feeder roots of what they need for photosynthesis.

Start with a one-inch layer of wood chips for each tree. As they decompose, you can replace small sections with newer mulch.

Ask The Professionals 

The second step in caring for your plants and trees involves enlisting trained professionals. Tree experts like Tree Workers of Phoenix can assess tree health, recommend high-quality products, and help you implement proven strategies for preserving beautiful landscapes year-round.

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