Sissoo Tree Care: A Homeowner’s Guide

Sissoo trees are wondrous trees that can enhance any Phoenix property’s allure. However, growing and maintaining sissoo trees isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Tree Workers of Phoenix developed a guide to help teach you how to grow beautiful, healthy sissoo trees in Phoenix, AZ’s unique climate.

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Four Tips for Growing Sissoo Trees

Sissoo trees are very large and robust and perfect for Phoenix’s warm climate. They grow up to 65 feet in height and feature pointed green leaves that will catch the eye of friends, family, and neighbors. However, sissoo trees require more maintenance than other varieties and can sometimes overwhelm novice growers.

Fortunately, if you follow the tree care tips below, you can grow gorgeous sissoo trees that will take your property’s appearance to the next level.

Avoid Overwatering

Overwatering is one of the most common mistakes property owners make when growing sissoo trees. They require less water than other tree species and do well in Arizona’s warm desert climate. Although young trees need excessive amounts of water (about eight to ten gallons per day), mature sissoo trees only need water once or twice a week. 

Overwatering sissoo trees’ surface roots often results in wilting and root rot, so it’s best to limit watering to bi-weekly.

Plant in Full Sun

Although sissoo trees can grow in partial shade, they thrive in full sun. They are native to Pakistan and other Middle Eastern regions and prefer hot, sunny environments. Always plant your trees in sunny areas to ensure they grow optimally throughout the year.

That said, if your property doesn’t receive full sun, you can plant the tree in partial shade. However, it will take longer to grow and might not be as pronounced when it matures.

Prune Lower Branches

Sissoo trees grow wide, dense canopies that shade their surroundings. However, their canopies often form too low to the ground and require regular pruning. Cut any low-hanging branches to raise the canopy and ensure optimal growth.

Also, prune any weak or damaged branches that might drop during strong winds or tumultuous weather. This will prevent property damage while elevating the tree’s appearance.

Fertilize Regularly

Every tree needs adequate nutrients to grow, especially in Phoenix’s rugged climate. Adding a magnesium-based fertilizer or Epsom salt to the tree’s base will help it grow while preventing various diseases like chlorosis. 

Sissoo trees are very susceptible to chlorosis when they lack magnesium. Chlorosis turns the tree’s leaves yellow and will hinder the tree’s overall appeal. Frequently applying Epsom salt or magnesium-heavy fertilizers is one of the best ways to prevent chlorosis and preserve the tree’s health and appearance.

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