What to Do When a Branch Breaks off a Tree  

Because trees can’t shelter inside a house or building, they often succumb to storms, high winds, snow, and other harsh weather conditions. Have you ever wondered what to do when a branch breaks off a tree? The sooner you address tree damage, the better.   

This post highlights how to handle a tree with a broken branch and the effects of such a tree injury to the entire tree. 

Conduct a Damage Assessment 

Start by evaluating the harm incurred. Is the tree healthy despite losing a branch? Has the damage affected a major limb?  

Does the tree have big wounds? Answers to these questions will inform your next step. Ultimately, you don’t want to make a decision that preserves the tree’s overall health.  

Clear the Branches  

First things first, take safety precautions. Scan the area thoroughly and stay alert for hanging branches that look like they’re just about to fall.  

If you’re dealing with small branches, you may clear and prune them carefully. Proper pruning will minimize the risk of decay agents entering the tree through the wound and causing extensive structural damage.   

For larger branches, seek professional help from a certified arborist in Phoenix. Keep the following tips in mind when considering what to do when a branch breaks off a tree:  

Remove Broken Branches as Soon as Possible  

A broken-off branch doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the entire branch. You can cut off the broken part and leave the remaining section.  

It’s rarely possible to reattach broken limbs successfully. Consider cutting your losses and removing the branch. The tree will recover if the trunk and most of the main branches are still intact.  

Check for Wounds and Damage  

A torn bark and wounds rob your tree of its aesthetic appeal and create perfect hiding spots for insects. Use a sharp knife or chisel to smoothen the rough edges of wounds where the branch fell off and tore the bark.  

As you do such repairs, try to minimize exposure of the cambium (greenish inner bark with fragile layers that transport food and water between the roots and leaves.)  

Always Seek Professional Help  

Rather than going through the stress of dealing with a broken branch, consider hiring a professional. DIY tree care may seem cost-effective, but you want to work with an expert trained in arboriculture.   

A certified arborist can notice potentially hidden damage or structural weakness issues and recommend the best course of action.   

With one or more missing branches, your tree may look disproportional or naked. Trees, however, have an amazing ability to rejuvenate themselves. When you act fast and seek professional help, your tree will heal fast, grow new foliage, and return to its former beautiful self.  

If a professional arborist assesses the tree after damage and establishes that they can’t save it, your best move would be to schedule professional tree removal.  

Bottom Line  

Overall, how you deal with a broken branch depends on the extent of the damage. Regardless of your experience with trees, seeking the help of a tree professional will always give you an upper hand in dealing with the situation.  

Call Your Local Tree Experts  

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