Can Trees Recover from Heat Stress?

When temperatures reach uncomfortable highs, humans aren’t the only ones feeling the effects. Trees can suffer from the lack of water and become vulnerable as a result. 

In this guide, our tree removal company in Phoenix will answer, “Can trees recover from heat stress?” so keep reading to learn more. Don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

What Is Heat Stress in Trees?

Heat stress in trees is when the amount of water the tree is taking in is significantly lower than the amount it sends out. Trees go through a process of transpiration. During hot conditions and droughts, trees feel stressed and struggle immensely with this major loss.

The transpiration process is usually enough to maintain proper hydration for trees, but extreme temperatures can halt it. 

What to Do When Your Trees Suffer from Heat Stress

You can try these three tips when your trees are suffering from heat stress to see if their health improves:

Water Your Trees for a Long Drink

If you’ve wondered, “Can trees recover from heat stress?” The answer is yes.

Providing your heat stressed trees with a long drink of water, enough to help the roots, can sometimes do the trick. Deep watering is preferable over turning on your sprinkler system, as this may feel like just a sip.

Hoses or drip irrigation are the best ways to ensure the roots can absorb a good amount of water. The drip line and several feet away from the trunk are the spots you should focus on the most. These are where the trees will need water the most during heat stress.

Research and Prepare Your Trees

Your trees’ ages and type can help you understand its preferred soil and watering habits. If your tree is suffering, look into what type of soil it thrives in, as some prefer more moist conditions. Remember that newly planted trees often require more water to expand their root network and grow.

Prune and Trim Broken or Diseased Branches

Your trees could experience even more stress if they have dying branches, so taking care of them can help. Insects that drill holes into wood have a better opportunity to do damage when trees are vulnerable.

You can also put some organic mulch around a tree to help it obtain proper nutrients and water intake.

Common Signs of Heat Stress

Some clear indicators of tree heat stress are:

  • Lack of clear growth
  • Yellow or brown leaves
  • Droopy leaves, stems, or branches
  • Bumps or brown spots on leaves
  • Dripping sap at the trunk
  • Scorching

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