Can an Uprooted Tree Be Saved?

Can an uprooted tree be saved? When one of your beloved specimens was unexpectedly ripped out of the ground, the shock becomes palpable. Don’t toss the towel yet; there’s still a glimmer of hope! 

As the go-to certified arborist in Phoenix, our crew at Tree Workers of Phoenix knows a thing or two about this situation. Keep reading as we break down the details of re-establishing trees.

What Caused the Uprooting?

Discovering the culprit of your tree’s current plight can help you determine the best course of action:

  • Environmental extremes: Did a storm or strong winds recently visit your neighborhood? Severe weather conditions can easily knock over trees, especially if they’re young or have weak root systems.
  • Poor soil conditions: From hard, compacted clay to overly sandy soil, less-than-ideal ground conditions can thwart root development.
  • Improper planting: A tree’s stability stems from its roots, and improper planting can set up your sapling for a woeful future. An excessively deep planting hole, for example, can lead to a lack of oxygen reaching the roots, stunting growth and health.
  • Tree health: Pests and diseases weaken your specimen’s structural integrity, making it less capable of withstanding environmental stressors.
  • Accidental damage: Nearby construction work, reckless lawn mower usage, and other inadvertent human activities can weaken a tree enough to cause its downfall. Always remain aware of your surroundings when working near trees.

Can Your Tree Bounce Back?

When people ask us, “Can an uprooted tree be saved?” we always answer with a hopeful maybe. Its survival mainly depends on its size:

Large Trees

When it comes to mature trees, it’s a bit of a pickle, as their extensive root systems often sustain heavy damage when overthrown. The sheer weight and size of these green giants compound the difficulty of repositioning them upright. While not entirely impossible, saving a mature tree requires immediate professional intervention, and even then, the odds might not be in your favor.

Small Trees

On a brighter note, saving a sapling or smaller tree knocked off their feet is often a walk in the park. Their pliable nature and minute size make replanting simpler, and their root systems, less complex, are easier to rehabilitate. They can bounce back from the brink of death with adequate care, a bit of patience, and a lot of love.

The Road to Recovery

So, how do we breathe new life into a partially uprooted tree? The first step is to assess the damage meticulously. This includes checking if half of the tree is dead or if the majority of roots remain intact and your specimen appears generally healthy, there’s a chance.

Carefully prop it back upright, adding a bit of soil as you go; no twisting or turning! Next, firmly pack more soil around the base, leaving no air pockets, and water generously. To prevent it from toppling over again, stake it for support, but remove these after one year to allow the tree to strengthen.

Stay attentive to its aftercare; regular watering, mulching, and periodic check-ups for pests can mean the difference between life and death.

Consult a Local Arborist

Can an uprooted tree be saved? In the face of a toppled arboreal giant, you may be unsure, questioning your every move. That’s where we at Tree Workers of Phoenix step in!

Our crew understands the nuances of tree care, proudly helping our fellow gardeners and landscaping enthusiasts since 1994. Call Tree Workers of Phoenix at 602-320-2797 for your tree service today! Aside from emergency interventions, we also provide:

  • Scheduled pruning and shaping
  • Disease or pest diagnosis and management
  • Fertilization
  • Tree removal
  • And more

Explore our blog and learn more about tree roots — your understanding of them can make a world of difference.


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