How To Stop Tree Roots From Growing Back

Trees need healthy, vigorous root systems to gather essential nutrients and water from the soil. However, sometimes roots become invasive and require removal to prevent property damage and injuries. Unfortunately, many root systems grow back after tree removal and will continue to adversely impact your property long after eliminating the tree.

That’s why our team at Tree Workers of Phoenix created a guide explaining how to stop tree roots from growing back after removing a tree. 

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Why Eliminate Regrown Tree Roots?

Many homeowners believe root systems won’t grow back if they remove the tree. However, roots often continue growing well after chopping down a tree, especially if the stump remains. The roots will gather nutrients and water to promote trunk regrowth until you eliminate them entirely. 

Regrown and unwanted tree roots can cause numerous problems that can jeopardize your property, piping system, and more. They can penetrate your sewer lines and home’s foundation, causing severe damage that costs hundreds or more to fix. Exposed tree roots can even trip people walking along your property, potentially causing serious injuries. 

Preventing Tree Root Regrowth: Three Tips

Fortunately, managing tree root encroachment isn’t exceedingly difficult once you understand the proper tree root suppression techniques. Use the tree root control methods below to learn how to stop tree roots from growing back:

1. Dig Up the Roots

Digging up root systems will completely eliminate them from your property and prevent regrowth. Dig a large hole around the stump until you reach the roots. Use a prying tool or your shovel to loosen the roots. Once the roots become loose, carefully remove the stump and roots from the soil.

You can also cut the roots with pruning shears or a saw once you access the root system.

2. Apply a Herbicide

The easiest way to remove unwanted roots is to apply a herbicide. Simply follow the herbicide’s directions and administer it over the roots. If done correctly, the treatment will kill the roots and other unwanted plants within the area.

3. Burn the Stump

Homeowners can also burn dried tree stumps to remove roots without excess effort. Clear the area to eliminate leaf debris, and use a torch or similar device to burn the stump until it’s completely charred. Allow the stump to cool before removing it and the roots with a shovel.

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