Can Tree Roots Damage the Foundation on Your Phoenix Property?

Can tree roots damage the foundation? Tree Workers of Phoenix, your expert tree removal service in Phoenix, can provide you with answers; contact us today to learn more.

What Are Root-Related Threats To Building Foundations? 

The roots cause damage by either crumbling the slab or changing the surrounding soil conditions. Roots spread out horizontally, but they may change direction if they meet an immovable obstacle. However, if they find any purchase, they’ll carry on tunneling through the slab.

If there’s a small crack in the concrete, the tree will widen it, looking for the easy way through. 

The other impact of tree roots on building foundations is less direct. If, for example, you remove a tree, the soil can become looser around it because there is less resistance. This could cause the foundations to start to buckle.

Finally, the roots might damage the sewer line or a water line. This could cause flooding around the foundation and water damage. 

Signs To Check for Foundation Risks from Tree Root Growth

Here are things that indicate you may have a problem. If you see these, call an arborist and tell them you have foundation concerns with nearby trees.

Cracks in the Floor and Walls

These will usually be near the tree and indicate that there’s a problem with soil settling or drying. You might also find that your house leans in that direction. When people ask, “Can tree roots damage a foundation?” they usually see these signs. 

Buckling Concrete

If the sidewalk or pavers start to shift, it’s usually because of a tree. You’ll need to look into preventing tree root damage to foundations and structures to remedy the situation. 

Plumbing Issues

You might not expect this to come up when managing tree roots to protect foundations. However, plumbing issues are often the first indicator that you have this issue. The roots break the pipes, and the resultant clogs won’t clear with normal home remedies. 

Preventing Foundation Damage

The safest option is to not plant trees at all. However, that comes with negative side effects like flooding soil and erosion. With care, you can have the best of both worlds. 

Plant New Trees at a Safe Distance

You should never plant a tree within 10 feet of your foundation. Increase that to 25 or 50 feet for trees with aggressive root systems like Willows. 

Put in a Foundation Barrier

These are large plastic sheets that overlap. They form a barrier but also divert the roots by preventing them from detecting water. 

Choose the Right Species

Either choose smaller trees with less extensive root systems or choose those that don’t grow aggressively. 

Contact Our Team for Expert Advice

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