How to Remove Big Tree Roots From the Ground in Phoenix, AZ

Tree roots are largely underground for many properties throughout Phoenix, Arizona, so ignoring them is easy. However, root systems can become a problem when they grow in a way that can damage essential structures like sidewalks, driveways, and foundations. Dealing with large tree root systems can be tricky if you don’t know how to remove big tree roots from the ground. 

As a trusted arborist in Phoenix, Tree Workers of Phoenix specializes in all things relating to tree care. Consult our guide below for help clearing tree roots from the soil in your yard.

Reasons for Eliminating Tree Roots From the Ground

One reason to get rid of tree roots is to help level the ground following tree removal. With tree removal, the stump and tree roots will stay behind. Removing the tree’s roots will make it easier to remove the stump and smooth out the ground. 

You might also want to remove tree roots that are invading your underground pipes. Even if the roots aren’t a danger to your plumbing system, they could be in the way of a landscape or construction project like an in-ground pool or sprinkler system installation. 

Top Root Removal Techniques for Big Trees

Destroying or extracting big tree roots isn’t the same as handling surface-level tree root systems. When learning how to remove big tree roots from the ground, it’s best to follow one of the following methods. 

Manual Tree Root Extraction

If you’re removing large tree roots from a plant that’s still standing, you could extract the offending roots by hand. Call your local utility marking service before digging or making cuts to the tree. You don’t want to accidentally damage underground utility lines for sewage, water, electricity, or plumbing.

After marking the locations of underground utility lines, remove nearby obstructions and trace the root from the tree. You want to cut the roots farthest from the tree trunk to avoid damaging the tree. 

Next, dig around the root using a shovel. Lift the root and prop it up with something to avoid cutting into the soil. You want to use either lopping shears or a reciprocating saw to cut roots that are up to three inches thick. 

Finish the process by digging out the cut roots and disposing of them.

Professional Stump Grinding and Root Removal

Hiring a professional is the best way to remove a tree stump and root system. Commercial-grade grinders can quickly turn tree remains into mulch. You can fill the void with topsoil to level the ground. 

Chemical Tree Root Removal

Chemical herbicides are effective at clearing tree roots from the soil after tree removal. For this method, you’d need a garden hose, a saw, and a high-concentration glyphosate herbicide. 

Use the saw to cut across the tree stump while wearing safety gear, like a face shield and earplugs. Next, saturate the stump’s outer layer behind the bark with water from the garden hose. The moisture will make it easier for the herbicide to reach the tree’s roots. 

Mix the herbicide with equal parts water and saturate the same area. It can take up to two weeks to kill the roots.

Trust the Best Arborists in Phoenix for Root Removal

Whether you need to remove tree roots after stump grinding or prevent a tree’s root system from invading your underground pipes, Tree Workers of Phoenix is the company to call. Our award-winning arborists know how to remove big tree roots from the ground and perform many other tree services. We have almost three decades of experience and a long-standing history of providing exceptional services and customer support. 

Call (602) 320-2797 today to request a free estimate for tree care from Tree Workers of Phoenix in Arizona. 


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