Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Phoenix, AZ?

Fallen trees can be dangerous hazards for you and others in your community. If the tree doesn’t seem to sit in your yard, you and others may wonder who is responsible for fallen tree removal.

Phoenix’s tree removal company, Tree Workers of Phoenix, provides certified arbor care assistance, from pruning to removal. Don’t handle dealing with fallen tree responsibility on your own when our experts can lend a hand. Here’s the basics of what you need to know about who does what after a fallen tree incident.

Who Do You Hold Responsible for the Tree?

Generally, you can expect the property owner of the land the tree was on to take responsibility for fallen tree removal. For example, property owners who ignore signs of pest infestation in their tree before it falls must take care of handling fallen tree cleanup. After all, they are responsible for caring for or removing trees on their private property, not anyone else.

Even so, the circumstances leading to the fall may allow the property owner to use homeowners’ or property insurance. They may also be able to escape or share the responsibility with other parties, especially:

  • If the tree belonged to a neighbor
  • If a natural disaster caused the tree to fall over
  • If an auto accident by someone else knocks the tree over
  • If the tree sits between two private property lines
  • If the tree came from a public property rather than your own

Who Owns the Tree?

As mentioned, when determining who is responsible for fallen tree removal, you need to understand who owns the tree. Most cities, including Phoenix, determine tree, bush, and other plant ownership based on the base of its trunk.

If the trunk grows out from within the boundary lines of your property, you are responsible for the tree’s health and maintenance. Even if the branches extend over to your neighbor’s property, the tree is still yours. Likewise, if the tree’s stump grows from within your neighbor’s property lines, the tree and care responsibilities fall to them.

Then, what about trees on public property, like nearby parks or public construction areas? Community officials should care for those trees with care and cover most costs.

When You Can Use Insurance

When dealing with tree removal after a fallen tree, you should be sure when you can use insurance to cover costs. Generally, you can use your homeowners’ insurance if the fallen tree caused damage to your property due to an unforeseen or unpreventable circumstance, like a storm.

However, insurance will likely deny claims related to poor tree care, like neglecting to water the tree and allowing it to die.

How to Start Dealing with Fallen Tree Responsibility

Do you have a dead tree in your yard, or do you want to know who is responsible for fallen tree removal? Tree Workers of Phoenix has a team of licensed and insured arborists prepared to help you safely care for, remove, and dispose of trees on your property. To learn more about the relationship between a property owner and fallen tree removal, call 602-320-2797 or visit our contact page today.


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