What To Put on a Tree Wound for Optimal Healing in Phoenix, AZ?

Do you see damage on your tree and wonder what to put on a tree wound so you can keep it healthy and beautiful? A Phoenix-licensed arborist can help heal and care for your tree so you don’t risk causing more damage. Keep reading to discover how a professional provides treatment for tree wounds.

What Causes Tree Wounds?

What causes tree injuries? Machinery such as lawnmowers or weed-whackers commonly cause the most damage to trees. However, the following events also frequently cause injuries to your tree bark and trunks:

  • Scratching or rubbing from animals
  • Insect infestations
  • Fire, ice, storms, and lightning strikes
  • Certain herbicides

With proper care and consideration, you can prevent most wounds to your trees, which keeps them healthy and prevents them from causing problems for the rest of your property.

How an Arborist Treats Tree Wounds

From tree wound care products to protecting tree wounds from spreading their damage throughout the tree, a certified arborist is the best person to care for your trees. You might feel tempted to treat the tree wound yourself, but if you don’t know for certain you’re doing it correctly, you could cause more damage to your tree. For peace of mind and the most efficient and economical solutions, trust an arborist.

Dress the Wound

If you want to know what to put on a tree wound, applying a dressing can help the tree look better and prevent further damage, but most experts agree it doesn’t help to heal. In general, the best tree wound dressing options include aerosol sprays that don’t contain tar, asphalt, petroleum, or paint. Dressing the tree can have detrimental effects on certain types of wounds and inhibit healing, so only a certified arborist should determine the best situation for dressing a tree.

Scribe Around the Wound

Scribing the injury is one of the most common healing solutions for tree injuries. This removes some of the bark around the wound with a sharp knife. While this technique seems counterintuitive because you cause more damage to the tree, consider it analogous to cleaning out the debris when you injure your arm or leg.

When a tree experiences a wound on the bark, usually, some bark remains partially attached. Not only does this affect how the tree looks, but it can also hinder its healing ability. Encircling the wound with a vertical oval of removed bark can help it form a callous and heal more evenly.

Improve the Tree’s Health

One of the most important remedies for tree bark damage is improving the tree’s overall health to help it heal quickly. Like good nutrition and exercise help humans recover from wounds, improving the tree’s soil and pruning or trimming the branches increases how quickly and completely it can heal from the wound. Methods of improving your tree’s health include:

  • Trimming back overgrown trees
  • Pruning dead branches or diseased sections
  • Improving soil content and creating a customized fertilizer
  • Removing unhealthy trees before they can affect your healthy one

By keeping your trees healthy, you not only improve how quickly they heal but also help prevent damage from occurring in the first place.

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