What Is Tree Topping and Why Is It Harmful to Trees in Phoenix, AZ?

You may not be familiar with the term “tree topping,” but it’s a technique that can cause more harm than good. So what is tree topping and why is it harmful to trees in Phoenix, AZ? 

Trees are beautiful, with their lush leaves reaching toward the sky. Sometimes, all that foliage can cause problems, and homeowners make the decision to remove the “tops” of their trees, not realizing it causes more harm instead of being a viable solution. 

What Is Tree Topping? 

Tree topping is the practice of cutting the top off a tree to reduce its size. Here are some reasons homeowners decide tree topping is the best option for their situation:

  • Treetops are hitting electrical lines.
  • Tall trees are too close to their home.
  • They want to prevent branches from coming down in a storm and causing property damage or hurting someone.

While these are decent reasons, there are alternatives that won’t cause lasting damage to your tree. Tree topping is detrimental to your tree’s growth and food production and really doesn’t fix the original issue. 

Some of the effects of tree topping include: 

  • Reduced food production – Removing leaves decreases photosynthesis and the tree’s ability to produce food. 
  • Infestations – Losing their tops makes it easier for insects and pathogens to get into the tree and weaken or even kill it. 
  • Weaker regrowth – When a tree regrows its limbs, the new branches are more likely to be weaker and unable to handle severe weather.
  • New growth, same issues – When new branches grow, the same issues that led to the first tree crown reduction will likely still be a problem. This will eventually lead to needing another tree topping, and the cycle will continue. 

If you have a tree that’s been weakened by removing its top, it could become a safety hazard for you or people in your neighborhood. Contacting reputable Phoenix tree removal services might be your best option to prevent any accidents that you would be financially liable for.

Alternatives to Tree Topping

If you need tree canopy management, call a local arborist. They can better answer your question of “What is tree topping?” By contacting a professional, you’ll have access to arborist tree trimming techniques that will help your tree thrive. 

Pruning Methods for Trees

An arborist can also help you shorten your canopies by using healthy pruning techniques. Tree healthcare and pruning are crucial for the life of your trees. 

An arborist would know which branches can be trimmed without causing issues and will keep your tree in a natural shape. They can also offer advice about caring for your newly pruned trees and the best way to keep insects, rodents, and diseases away from them. They can even advise you on planting new trees.

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