What To Do If a Tree Is About To Fall in Phoenix

If you’ve ever had a beloved tree in your yard, you understand the hesitance when the topic of cutting it down comes up. While it can be hard to consider cutting a tree down, the instant you hear a sharp crack from the trunk, priorities can change.

If you notice your tree is dangerously close to falling, allow the Tree Workers of Phoenix, a reliable Phoenix tree removal service contractor, to explain what to do if a tree is about to fall on your property. 

Emergency Tree Removal: What To Do If a Tree Is About To Fall

If you notice that your tree is leaning and on the verge of falling, there are a few priorities that you should immediately take into account:

1. Prioritize Your Safety

If you’re wondering what to do if a tree is about to fall, the first thing is to check for your immediate safety. Evaluate the tree, which direction it’s leaning, and how close it is to your home and property. To do your best at tree hazard mitigation, it’s best to ensure that everything that’s yours is safe before calling anyone. This may mean packing an overnight bag if the tree is leaning toward your home.

2. Determine Danger

After you secure your initial safety, evaluate your tree more closely. A major part of preventing tree falls is assessing the situation closely, if it’s safe for you to do so.

To perform your tree risk assessment, get as close to the tree as you can to examine any symptoms. Is the tree leaning? Are parts broken? The more information you can gather about your tree, the better the following urgent tree care can be once you get an expert in.

If you don’t feel comfortable getting close to the tree, leave the job to the experts. 

3. Call Your Local Tree Experts

After evaluating your tree and documenting any problems, call in an expert who specializes in addressing leaning trees or in expert tree removal. If your tree’s already damaged a portion of your home, calling your insurance company isn’t a bad idea.

Regardless of who you call first, be sure to take pictures of the tree as well. This can help your arborist evaluate different aspects of your tree’s issues, making your consultation that much more succinct. You’ll also need these pictures for your insurance company if there are any damages to report for your property.

Trust the Tree Workers of Phoenix

Now that you know the answer to what to do if a tree is about to fall, why not trust some of the best experts in Phoenix to help take care of your precarious tree situation?

With the Tree Workers of Phoenix, you can get expert hands on your unique tree situation so that your life can go back to normal as soon as possible, whether you need a tree cut down or if your trees stop growing. To schedule your free consultation, contact us at 602-320-2797 today.


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