What Happens if Your Tree Falls in the Road in Phoenix, AZ?

Tree removal remains one of the most common types of tree services, especially if tree diseases take over and cause significant root damage and decay. However, some homeowners have to arrange for unexpected tree removal if severe weather knocks down structures. This begs the question: What happens if your tree falls in the road?

The experts at Tree Workers of Phoenix, Phoenix’s reputable tree removal company, are here to provide the answer. 

The Dangers of Fallen Trees in Roads

Don’t assume that a tree that falls onto the road is any safer than one that falls onto your property. These large structures can block traffic on an entire roadway and force drivers to use an alternative route. Not only can this be an inconvenience, but it affects public safety if emergency vehicles can’t access the area. 

Should the tree fall onto a moving car, it can cause significant injuries to motorists and passengers. In addition, the downed tree can destroy power lines, and pose a risk of electrocution to pedestrians. Tree care workers risk their own safety when tending to damaged trees as well. 

Determine Why the Tree Fell

What happens if your tree falls in the road? Don’t wait to call for emergency tree removal. Recognize the safety hazards and contact an expert to lead the cleanup effort. 

You may be responsible for all project costs if the tree falls due to your negligence. Arborists can examine the root system to differentiate healthy trees from diseased ones and will determine possible reasons for the tree falling such as:

  • Tree diseases
  • Pest infestations
  • Ineffective soil
  • Malnourished roots 

Hazardous, decaying trees that fall onto roadways are often the responsibility of the property owner. Schedule an arborist consultation to determine the exact cause of the damage and whether it means you must cover tree removal costs.

Let the City Handle Storm-Damaged Tree Removal

Healthy trees don’t usually topple on their own. Powerful storms can knock down trees and cause widespread damage. If a tree on your property ends up on the road after a storm passes, your municipality should handle the cleanup and removal effort. 

City officials put certain regulations in place regarding trees that fall from private properties onto public property. They will take care of the removal process with these rules in mind and work quickly to make the public space safe again.

Keep in mind that city officials may only take care of removing the fallen structure rather than grinding down remaining tree trunks and stumps on your property. You should book a stump grinding service to prevent pests and tree diseases.

Let Tree Workers of Phoenix Take Care of Fallen Trees

What happens if your tree falls in the road or causes property damage? Who is responsible for fallen tree removal in different situations? The specialists at Tree Workers of Phoenix can answer these questions and more.

Contact our team at (602) 320-2797 to schedule a tree service, including emergency tree removal.


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