How To Care for Newly Planted Trees in Phoenix, AZ?

Nothing feels quite as rewarding as planting a tree, even if it takes years to reap the benefits. You need to know how to care for newly planted trees to give them the proper care and nutrients they need to become sturdy, mature trees.

The experts at our tree service in Phoenix, AZ can help you if you’re scratching your head over tree care.

Check for Appropriate Depth

Before doing anything else, make sure you planted your tree at the right depth. You can always adjust it if it’s not.

The tree trunk will be slim from top to bottom, but you should see it flare out to have a wider base at the bottom. If you buried the wider base, uncover it and readjust the tree. The base of the flare should be at the soil line.

If your tree came with balled and burlapped roots, you may need to adjust the plant.

Water Your Tree Well

Watering newly planted trees is the key to a tall, magnificent tree in the future. Trees benefit from deep but infrequent watering so they can develop deep root systems. Frequent shallow watering will result in a shallow root system.

Lay the garden hose at the base of the tree and let the water slowly pour out. Soaker hoses will allow you to water very slowly, which is ideal, though it takes about two hours for the plant to receive enough water. Remember that low and slow is the way to go when you water your trees.

New trees typically need 10 gallons of water per 1 inch of thickness. As the plant grows in width, increase how much water you give it.

Show Your Tree You Care

There are several ways to care for newly planted trees to make sure they succeed. It can’t say “thank you,” but it can eventually reward you with deep roots and a large canopy when it matures. Trees in urban areas have a lot of positive benefits and you can only enjoy them if your tree is healthy and lives a long time.

Crucial steps of new tree care include:

  • Mulching: Wood chip mulch slowly fertilizes your young tree over time while helping the soil retain moisture. Provide your tree with up to 4 inches of mulch, but keep it at least 4 inches away from the base of the tree. Wet mulch might transmit diseases when it touches the tree.
  • Staking: Don’t stake a young tree unless you absolutely must. Remove the stakes after a year so the tree can continue to grow strong on its own. If your tree can’t stand without stakes, there’s likely an underlying issue that needs to be addressed urgently. What happens if your tree falls in the road when it’s older? Addressing stability issues in the tree’s younger years will make sure you don’t find out.
  • Pruning: You don’t need to prune your tree right away. Wait for at least one season before you begin to shape it. Remove scraggly, diseased, or broken limbs to prevent worse problems later.

Tree Workers of Phoenix Can Help Your New Trees

We do more than just trim and shape trees at Tree Workers of Phoenix. We can help you assess the health of young trees and learn how to care for newly planted trees so that they grow healthy and strong.

We’re happy to help you get your trees looking healthy and beautiful. If you have any problems with tree care, call us today at 602-320-2797 so we can get you scheduled for a free estimate.


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