Successful Deep Root Fertilization for a Phoenix, AZ, Homeowner

Successful Deep Root Fertilization for a Phoenix, AZ, Homeowner

by | Jun 17, 2024

A homeowner called for deep-root fertilization of a jacaranda tree during the spring. Ignored for years, the tree had significant overgrowth and sections of dead wood. As an existing customer of Tree Workers of Phoenix, the Phoenix resident called the company, which determined they could complete the work by reinvigorating the root zone.


Deep Root Fertilization for a Phoenix, AZ, Homeowner

Phoenix, AZ, Deep Root Fertilization: Project Overview

  • Client profile: Residential homeowner
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ, in Maricopa County
  • Type of service: Deep root fertilization
  • Duration: two hours, one-day trimming and fertilization
  • Tree size: 25 feet in height and 22 inches in diameter at the base of the trunk
  • Equipment used: Deep root tree fertilization applicator and two-man crew
  • Service frequency: Repeat customer; will repeat deep root treatment again in six months. 
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific challenges: The homeowners left the tree growing wild for years, and it needed trimming and pruning back to remove dead wood and increase curb appeal. This would also improve long-term health.
  • Tree type: Jacaranda tree
  • Client preferences: Make the jacaranda tree beautiful again by trimming and pruning the branches by a certified arborist to increase the long-term health and beauty with deep root fertilization of the root system of the tree.  


Deep Root Fertilization for a Phoenix, AZ, Homeowner


Effective Deep Root Fertilization for a Homeowner in Phoenix

Using a certified arborist as part of the two-man crew and a deep root tree fertilization applicator, Tree Workers of Phoenix compensated for the lack of healthy soil that often destroys trees and shrubs. After trimming and pruning the tree, the arborist expertly nurtured the roots back to health.

The rejuvenated tree increased the property’s overall curb appeal. Restoring it to health also eliminated the risk the tree could cause damage. The company left the client extremely satisfied.

Overcoming Deep Root Fertilization Challenges for a Phoenix Homeowner

Properly fertilizing the tree didn’t involve any significant challenges. The tree’s overgrown state required pruning and trimming before the company could fertilize it.

The tree’s size also didn’t pose a significant problem. The two-man crew completed the job in just two hours with minimal disruption to the homeowner’s daily activity.

Producing Amazing Results in Phoenix, Arizona

After successful deep-root fertilization, Tree Workers of Phoenix left a repeat client satisfied once again. Without any significant challenges, the crew completed the job quickly and restored the jacaranda tree to health. The client scheduled ongoing fertilization services every six months.

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Deep Root Fertilization for a Phoenix, AZ, Homeowner

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