Tree Workers of Phoenix Improves Homes With Tree Pruning Services in Phoenix, AZ

Tree Workers of Phoenix Improves Homes With Tree Pruning Services in Phoenix, AZ

by | Apr 1, 2024

A homeowner recently came to Tree Workers of Phoenix in Phoenix, AZ, with a request for professional tree maintenance. Their request was simple: pruning and trimming for the beautiful Mesquite tree in their yard. With an enclosed yard as their workspace to work with, the Tree Workers of Phoenix crew set to the task of arborist pruning for the large 35-foot tree in the client’s yard.


Mesquite Tree Pruning Before

Mesquite Tree Pruning Before


  • Client Profile: Residential Homeowner
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ – Maricopa County
  • Type of Service: Tree Pruning of Large Mesquite Tree
  • Duration: 4.5 hours, one day of trimming and cleanup.
  • Tree Size: 35 feet in height and 24 inches in diameter at the base of the trunk.
  • Equipment Used: Bucket truck to reach the height of the mesquite tree and a three-man crew for quick and efficient clean up afterward.
  • Service Frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Winter season
  • Specific Challenges: This mesquite tree was in an enclosed yard, making access difficult, but Tree Workers of Phoenix has decades of experience keeping properties pristine and safe. All done by a certified arborist.
  • Tree Type: Mesquite Tree
  • Client Preferences: The customer wanted the tree to be shaped and pruned so aesthetics would increase, making the tree look nicer in the yard and improving its long-term health.


Careful Yet Professional Tree Trimming in Scottsdale

The client came to Tree Workers of Phoenix in Phoenix, AZ, with a request to make their mesquite tree more appealing through pruning. Not only was pruning necessary for the health of the tree, but the appearance it gained through selective pruning was also beneficial for the overall look of the yard.

The Phoenix tree professionals trimmed the tree to make the entire yard look more appealing. While the constraints of such a fenced-in yard obstructed the job, the expert arborists used their years of experience to perform the required tasks of pruning and cleaning without a hitch.


Mesquite Tree Pruning After

Mesquite Tree Pruning After


Masterful Tree Care and Tree Pruning in Scottsdale, AZ

Thanks to the masterful efforts of the Tree Workers of Phoenix, the pruning job on the mesquite tree was a success. Despite the fact that the enclosed property made pruning on such a large tree difficult, the Scottsdale tree pruning helped the yard look much better. At the end of the day, the client had a healthier, stronger tree with fewer obstructive branches overarching the yard.

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