What Is a Tree Sucker?

What Is a Tree Sucker?

What Is a Tree Sucker?

What is a tree sucker? Imagine you’re sipping your morning coffee, admiring the grandeur of your backyard tree, when you notice an odd growth near its base. Is this dangerous? Should you remove it? Don’t panic; as the go-to certified arborist in Phoenix, Tree Workers...
How to Bring a Tree Out of Dormancy

How to Bring a Tree Out of Dormancy

While outdoor trees come out of dormancy by themselves, indoor or potted trees might need a little assistance from their owners. If you own potted trees that require shelter during winter, you’ll benefit from learning how to bring a tree out of dormancy without...
Understanding Roots in Trees: Why Are They Important?

Wood Chips for Mulching: Is It a Good Idea?

Have you considered using wood chips for mulching purposes? It helps trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs retain moisture more effectively, a sure way to help them grow better. Wood chips provide a protective layer around the plant to deter weed growth, insects, and...

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